There are some designs that are so simple and elegant that they have not changed in over 100 years. This is the case with our Probat L12 gas firedbatch coffee roasting workhorse. With its classical artistic lines and its industrial craftsmanship, this machine turns out some seriously good coffee. Roasting coffee in small batches allows us to connect with the process. We use our sense of sight, smell, sound and taste to guide us through each roasting cycle. We carefully balance intuition and craftsmanship within the constraints of time and temperature to produce coffee that stands head and shoulders above the rest.


Freshness is a key ingredient in the best quality coffee. We embrace this concept by keeping limited inventory on hand and only roasting our coffees to order, ensuring delivery of the freshest possible product. The coffee is packaged and time stamped within 24 hours of being roasted, then it is rushed out the door to be delivered to our customers.


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